Halloween advent calendar class! :)

My kids are so excited to play with this one!!

With magnetic pieces on a mini muffin tin, these are great for little fingers.  I’m getting excited thinking of the little treats to hide behind each day! :)

Class details –

To register
choose option A or B and email me before Saturday
or RSVP online here.

Interested in a by-mail/long-distance option of this class?  Email me! :)



Holiday Mini! (& my absence!:)

Well hello!  Alright, we all know I’m not the greatest blogger.  I get so excited and make cute projects, but forget to post them!  Oops!  I do have a goal to blog more often.  It won’t happen for a few months, though, for good reason … and I’ll get to that in a minute. :)

But first …  OOH!

September 1st introduced our brand new HOLIDAY MINI catalog!!  This is always my favorite mini of the year.  This year does not disappoint!

You really just have to go check it all out for yourself (click here), but here are a couple of my oodles of favorites.

1×8″ cello bags!  LOVE these.  You get 50 for $2.50.  Yes please!  I have a bunch of these in store for oodles of things.  Halloween treats, valentines, licorice or pencils fit in these, billions of ideas.

Holiday Stocking sizzix die!

Just one cute example of an idea.  (This was from Convention.)

Cute designer series paper!  Just one of several new designs.

This one is called Spice Cake. And guess what?  It also comes in fabric! (3 patterns)

Aw, little felt cuties!

Winter Wishes.  Adorably adorable.

Out On a Limb stamp set — hee hee!

If you haven’t heard about this next one yet … hold on to your hats.

Introducing the Simply Scored!!!  A scoring tool — goodness gracious, this is amazing for so many reasons.  Click the image above to see a bit more info.

And a little Simply Scrappin’ — Christmas Lane.  This is such an awesome easy peasy way to throw together a scrapbook (or a blank one as a gift!) or some Christmas cards.  Love.

Okay, there is so much more (silver glimmer paper? Ooh!) — click here to go check it all out.  If you don’t have a copy of this catalog in your hands, let me know — I’ll getcha one right away.

So what have I been so busy with lately?  What’s my excuse? :)   Well, not to get too personal on this blog, but the gist is that I’m still struggling with this injury.

I broke my foot on June 30th.  Over 2 months later I’m not anywhere near where I thought I would be.  I think I’m grateful that I didn’t know at the time the extent of the injury!  I knew it would be inconvenient and painful, but I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into.  Oopsie! (Oh, and how?  Just a simple slip on the stairs.  Go figure.)

In a nutshell, I broke 3 metatarsals and damaged ligaments.  It’s called a Lisfranc fracture and often requires surgery, so I was lucky to escape that one!  I was completely non-weight-bearing for 8 weeks and just recently started putting small amounts of weight on it.  I should be fully walking on it by next week, but still in a boot through September.  I’m 34 weeks pregnant right now, so you could do the math and figure out that it’ll be cutting it kind of close with healing/baby timing! :) I am really hoping and praying that I will be walking somewhat normally with a newborn.

It’s been a really difficult process for me, so I’ve cut back on a few things while in ‘survival mode.’  I won’t get into all of the woes of why it’s been tricky.  Getting ready for baby (and taking care of my girls) has been impossible without mobility, so I’m allowing more time for these things right now. :) I can’t tell you how grateful I’ve been for helpers! (big and small — my kids have had to grow up a lot.)

So yes, I do plan to blog more … just not yet!  Hee hee.  After a little (lot) of foot rehab and maternity leave, I do hope to be back to some sense of normal before long!  Wish me luck. :) Don’t give up on this waddling/hobbling girl just yet.

Thanks, and happy shopping with those new goodies!