I read Sarah’s My Digital Studio blog post about creating a morning routine for her girls … and I was inspired. :)

Her idea is darling and funtional, but while we already have a chore chart and I didn’t want to overwhelm,I went with the uber-simple route.

I needed something quick … like, now :) … and I didn’t want to make this a big project.  Something quick and easy that I could do while the kids eat breakfast.

I pulled open My Digital Studio and found one of the pre-designed templates.  I shrunk down the image, added my own text, and TA DA!  Morning routine, simplified.

The part that actually took the longest was going through and figuring and assigning times to tasks.

A tip: Even though this is a template for a greeting card, I was able to save it as a PDF and print it as a full page just fine.

If you *don’t* have a copy of My Digital Studio (MDS), I highly suggest downloading the free trial to see what you can create with it!!

Wish us luck with our mornings this week! :)

Happy creating,


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